Redemption doesn't lie in forgiveness, it is born in our hearts and forced to bloom with conviction.


It’s my daughter y’all


So I started writing this earlier today, thinking I’d publish before I’d go to the event I was assigned to cover but the WordPress app in my phone decided to deal with me because every single thing I typed vanished. I couldn’t cry so I just went to my WhatsApp status to lament.

If you’ve experienced this before, you know how painful it is especially when your ideas were flowing at that point in time. Anyways, nothing will stop me from uploading today. I cast and bind all my enemies by fire!! Okay, I’m joking 😂

Moving on, yesterday was my very good friend and number one fan of Ruonaahsculture (after my parents of course), Kelvin Edimeh’s birthday!! 🥳

Kelvin Edimeh

So, Kelvin writes on his own blog “The Amateur Pen” Check it out! and he’s so nice! He’s always one of the first to get notifications, like and comment…

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It's raining ☔ and I can hear the sound of drums The thunder ⚡ like a sequence from Drumline The wind 🍃 whistling like a kettle And I'm wet soaked from head to toe I hate being wet, it sucks like vacuum cleaner hard Everywhere is gradually being flooded My love isn't here to cheer … Continue reading Rain